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Non-Fiction Festival in Krakow. Because the truth is more interesting


The festival starts Non-Fiction. This is the first such event devoted entirely to reportage. - We need this filter, which is the sensitivity of the reporter to understand the world - said Szymon Pasaj of FNF.

Malopolska Garden Art in Krakow for four days of the festival (23-26.06) will become a meeting place for lovers of coverage: press, film, radio, and photojournalism. Their participation in the meetings of the authors, discussions and exhibitions announced leading Polish reporters. Among other things, Mariusz Goldfinch.

We asked him about the fashion for non-fiction literature. He replied: - Do not exaggerate this fashion. Books are not in the life of our society irrelevant. Those who read them are narrow elite. This modern nobility. Among them, some people are tired TV pap information. They want to enter someone's life more deeply, understand them, for a moment live a life of others. I think that readers of fiction have the opportunity to leave for a moment of your life and entry into force of others. And the moment I'm someone else, I change, right? [Ed. ed., the entire interview in Friday's "What is Grane 24"].

Ideal starting point

Other reporters names? Among others Ewa Winnicka, Vladimir Nowak, Agnieszka Lichnerowicz, Christopher Miller, Michael Olszewski, Bartosz Panek, Anna Sekudewicz, King Kosińska. Marta Mazuś, Ilona Wisniewska and Catherine Boni. Meeting with the latter the author of the festival will begin discussions - Boni will be told about his book - reportage from Japan "Ganbara! Workshops dying" (cinema MOS hrs. 16). Reporter checked how people live in a country that is trying to return to normalcy after a major earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power plant explosion in five years ago. This is a story about crossing borders, including those inside.

That is about the boundaries of the first edition of the Non-Fiction. - Limits are the ideal starting point to talk about the problems posed by cultural differences, divisions in modern society, barriers difficult to overcome, and those with the heroes of reportage cross. We'll talk also about the limits of coverage as a species, as well as the ethical limits of working reporter and photographer - says Simon Pasaj.

In the face of Brexit

On the first day of the festival will also include a discussion about the experience of the border in Europe around the set of "Wall. 12 pieces of Berlin" (MOS hrs. 20). This is a collection of texts Polish and German reporters who try to describe the phenomenon of the Berlin Wall - the border is gone and it is still strongly palpable, especially in the minds of the inhabitants of the German capital.

This set of reports will be a pretext to join with Catherine Brejwo, Ursula Jabłońska Magdalena Kicińska and Maciej Wasielewskim - co-authors of the book and the members of the association of reporters Rekolektyw - think about what internal borders impose a Europe on the day on which the main theme will be Brexit.

* Admission to all festival events is free. Details of the program on www.festiwalnonfiction.pl

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