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Krakow Weekend cultural timetable


Despite the approaching inexorably end of the summer, is this week reason to rejoice - we have a long weekend! Free Monday enjoys very much, so it is better that this weekend in Krakow really a lot going on! Check our timetable!

Reliable Theatre Bagatela did not leave myself and for the whole holiday playing your best comedies. This weekend repertory theater also does not disappoint. On Friday, we see "Lovers of this world." As a result of a misunderstanding and St Peter - because afterlife and dip your fingers in the plot - an intimate house near London inhabited by two pairs of people in love. Writing detective novels men, Jack and Simon, supporting their faithful and devoted wife Susie and Mary. What will come from the knowledge of those four? The answer to the stage! A Saturday and Sunday will be in the play "Night of Madness," in which the characters are eccentric artists walking at night around Krakow. Romance and crime in one? Such is the spectacle, by the way still causing peals of laughter. All performances begin at. 19:15.

Best holiday tour in Poland, namely Men Playing in the weekend visiting Krakow. This time the artists will perform at the stadium KS Crown on Saturday from pm. 17. Who listen to this year's edition? L.U.C Feat. Rebel Babel Ensemble, home tunes, O.S.T.R., Brodka, Organek, SBB with guests and Men Playing Orchestra! This year, its leaders are David Podsiadło, Tom Organek and O.S.T.R. M.in.przebój will play this year's tour - "Wataha." This year's strong team guarantees the highest level of music and unusual musical collaborations. For lovers of good Polish music a must on Saturday!

Who would not be elected for Men Playing can now choose to live within the City Grania the same with Street. Lower Mills. Is a series of outdoor concerts, where there are young and talented Polish artists. Today will Mioush or hiding under the pseudonym Paul Barycki Milosz, rapper and music producer born in Katowice. His latest album, "Straight ahead" was certified double platinum, selling in the overburden 60 thousand. copies. The success of the album and the concert ended with the co-operation of Miousha Jimkiem, or Radzimir Dębski and the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra. The artist is known that she likes to mix genres. You want to hear what he raps Milosz? Listen to him on Friday evening from 20:30 in the same with.

From Thursday to Monday at the Small Market takes place one of the favorite culinary events of Krakow and tourists - Pierogi Festival. Already fourteenth time we will be able to taste a variety of dumplings with often unusual stuffing. Manufacturers of these traditional delicacies will compete for the audience award and the jury award. You can therefore vote for their favorite dumplings discovery on Saturday of hours. 16 to 21 and the results will be announced on Sunday. Every afternoon to await gourmets also performances by invited artists. It will be delicious, we!

On the Main Market for a different event for lovers of traditional Polish food and culture - International Folk Art Fair. They begin on Thursday, August 11 and will last until August 28. Throughout this time we will be able to enjoy folk art and crafts, and taste the specialties of various Polish regions. There will also be a rich artistic program. On Sunday, in the chair. 17 Robert Kasprzycki occurs, and the chair. 20 will be able to see the spectacle of theater groups Adalex. The full program of events can be found HERE.

Moviegoers enjoy cinema Kiev. Center where this weekend you can see, among others, premiere this week - a new film by Woody Allen's "cream sociable". This is the story of a sensitive romantic of the Bronx. Counting on the dream of a great career, he embarks on a journey to Los Angeles, where he begins to work with his uncle Phil - Agent top Hollywood stars. There falls in love with his beautiful secretary. What will come of this, we will learn during the session. In addition, the Cinema at the weekend Kiev can watch the famous hit "Suicide Legion", ie something for fans of superheroes in the new edition, and the family film "My friend the dragon" with Robert Redford in one of the main roles. Recommended!

As every weekend, Dworek Białoprądnicki invites us to a series of holiday outdoor events. On Friday, as part of FestGrania team will play Levi. You'll hear a lot of good blues with a touch of soul, funk, jazz and gospel. On Saturday the Festival emanations hear a concert of the winners of the First International Violin Competition. Grazyna Bacewicz, who will play works by Johannes Brahms. And on Sunday, another concert as part of the Sunday Pavilions, this time - Billy Neal and Jacek Korohoda The Band, or Guitar and songwriterski show of skills. About all the events in the manor Białoprądnicki read on their website.

And do not forget about New Bulwarcie Arts, which is a series of cultural events on the Lagoon Nowa Huta. If you are still looking for spots on the Friday party, is on the Lagoon will be dance style italo disco. Costumes in the style of the 80s most welcome! There will also be something for moviegoers - Saturday screening of the film "George" by George Kukuczce, and on Sunday the film "Mother" combining ten different stories of motherhood. On Sunday, in the chair. 19 see Joanna Szczepkowska in monodrama Fri "Naked woman". The show triumphs on Polish stages for several years and attempts to answer the question, what goals should set itself the theater. There will also be something for the youngest - in the chair. 11 on Sunday, the actor Radoslaw Krzyżowski read fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen.

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