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Intensity. Conrad Festival for the eighth time


Richard Flanagan - author of the cult novel "William Gould's Book of Fish", a famous thanks awarded Pulitzer and filmed "Hours" by Michael Cunningham, the youngest ever winner of the Booker Prize Eleanor Catton, and Géza Röhrig - an outstanding writer and actor known for his starring role in the Oscar-winning the film "the Son of Saul" - reveal the first stars of the Conrad Festival, one of the most important literary festivals in Europe, which will begin in Krakow on October 24. The organizers of the festival are the City of Krakow, Krakow Festival Office and the Foundation Tygodnik Powszechny.

"The eighth edition of the Conrad Festival in Krakow will attract the real star of the literary world" - says Izabela Helbin, Director of KBF. "The ongoing week festival will be full of a variety of activities, and the program will be permanent elements, so appreciated by our audience: meetings with writers, concerts, band film event aimed at all ages, including children and seniors, as well as industry discussions. As every year, we join forces with Jubilee 20.Targami books, to once again prove that Krakow UNESCO City of Literature is the capital of Polish literature. Invariably, we also remember the literary debiutantach, therefore, the culmination of the festival will be our second Gala Awards Conrad, during which distinguish the author of the best debut novel of last year. "

The theme of this year's edition is the intensity, understood as both a passion and unwavering commitment to a common cause of culture. This means that the authors of the program put special emphasis on attitude: the attitude of the organizers, artists, attitude and the attitude of readers. Each day of this year's edition of the Conrad Festival will be held under a different theme: Language, Faith-Niewiara, Emotions, Landscapes, voltage, or senses. Just like last year, October 30 Festival Gala Awards crowned Conrad, during which will be awarded the best prose debut last year.

"This year's edition has a special keynote" - says Grzegorz Jankowicz, Program Director of the Conrad Festival. "It's about the concept of the intensity with which we engage in literature, with which undertake a discussion on it, and with which we relate to the world, which perceives through the reading of the text. The idea is: the harder, or more adventure, more engaged with more deference, with greater dedication, with greater care, we refer to the literature, the more intensive (better) we live in the world, among other readers. "

This idea throughout his life and work embody invited guests this year.

Born in Tasmania, Richard Flanagan, one of the greatest contemporary writers in Australia until 12 years he worked on the novel "Paths of the North", describing the fate of Australian soldiers during World War II. The book devoted father, who as a prisoner of war on Siam built Burma Railway of Death. In 2014, she received her Man Booker Prize - the most prestigious award in the world of English literature. A descendant of Irish exiles in the novel "clap with one hand" described the fate of the first generation Tasmanian immigrants from Central Europe. The film, which was shot on the basis of his own book, he was nominated for a Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival. Flanagan is also co-wrote the film "Australia" Base Luhrmana, starring Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman. In his best novel is considered "William Gould's Book of Fish", translated into many languages ​​and awarded the prestigious Commonwealth Writers' Prize.

American Michael Cunningham is known mainly due to the best-selling novel "The Hours", inspired by the life and work of Virginia Woolf. The book, considered his best work, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize. The filming of "Hours" appeared galaxy of stars, including Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore and Ed Harris. It was shot two other of his novels: "A Home at the End of the World" (in the cast including Colin Farrell and Robin Wright), and "Evening" (with Meryl Streep and Glenn Close). Cunningham willing to prescribe a new classic fairy tales - the "Snow Queen" is a story told in Anderson's version of the LGBT community. In addition to the Pulitzer he is in the account, among others, PEN / Faulkner Award and the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and transgendered Book Award. His short story "White Angel" was published in 1989 in "The New Yorker" and selected for the anthology of the best stories of American "Best American Short Stories." He is a lecturer at Yale University, Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown and Brooklyn College.

Eleanor Catton, New Zealand writer of Canadian origin, thanks to the novel "All that glitters" became the youngest winner of the Booker Prize in history. 832-page work is the longest winning song in the history of the award. The book was also nominated for the Guardian First Book Award and Dylan Thomas. It has been translated into 26 languages ​​and sold over 560 000 copies. His first novel, Fri. "Trying" (ang. "The Rehearsal") Catton released at the age of 22 years. The writer is fascinated by astrology and psychoanalysis. Her favorite series is "The Sopranos," "The Wire" and "Breaking Bad" - apparently seeks to ensure that her novels are literary equivalents series. In 2015,. He caused a scandal, accusing the New Zealand political elites of greed and a lack of interest in culture.

Hungarian actor, writer, poet and singer Géza Röhrig is known to Polish audiences primarily as a lead actor in the acclaimed feature film "Son of Saul" (Oscar in 2016 for Best Foreign Language Film and a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film). After his father's death Röhrig eight years he lived in an orphanage until he was adopted by a Jewish family friends. In the 80s he was an underground musician, frontman banned Huckleberry punk band whose concerts were often interrupted by the communist authorities. To confuse, the band performed under various names. Röhrig studied Polish philology, and then directing at the Budapest University of Film and Theatre in the class of István Szabó. For a time he lived in Jerusalem, but in 2000 moved to New York, where the Jewish Theological Seminary earned a diploma teacher of the Bible. He has published in Hungarian several volumes of poetry and one novel. In Poland, he published his book "plucked parrot Rebbe. Hasidic tales invented. "

For the second time on the last day of the Conrad Festival, October 30, will be awarded the Conrad Award for best prose debut in 2015. The award-winning, in addition to the symbolic statues, will receive 30,000 zlotys, will be able to take advantage of the month have a residential stay in Krakow and his work will be promoted in the pages of Tygodnik Powszechny and during next year's Conrad Festival. A list of five nominated writers will be announced in September, will choose the winner of the festival audience during this year's edition. Last year the prize went to Liliana Hermetz for his novel "Alicyjka."

The full program 8. Conrad Festival will be revealed by the organizers in the first half of September.

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